Belco’s Ethiopia Agency has already been up and running for 8 months!

The 2015/2016 harvest, the first handled directly by the agency, is drawing to a close, and we would like to celebrate this with a look back over the agency’s first few months in Ethiopia. Jacques, head of Belco’s Ethiopia agency, recounts his first year of action and how this agency is beneficial for you when buying your coffee.


“Belco’s Ethiopia agency officially opened on 31st July 2015. Since then we have worked hard to  build even stronger links with more than 200 Ethiopian exporters, cooperatives and producers. This means working every day to transmit both our and your requirements to be able to give you even better coffees.”

Rencontre de producteurs à Guji et Yayu

Meeting producers in Guji and Yayu


“On a day-to-day basis, we conduct extensive fieldwork to get to know and understand Ethiopian producers and the terroirs upon which they work. We visit farms, observe their farming management, their history and how they fit in with the wider context. This year we have set up projects to identify and better understand the terroirs where the coffees we import are grown.

 Our aim is to better promote these Ethiopian agro-forestry terroirs through training programmes on coffee picking and processing, whilst preserving the essence of this Ethiopian treasure: the Ethiopian coffee forest and the local know-how attached to it. 

Forêt caféière de Yayu

Dawo Tobbi Coffee Forest – Wallagga

To gain a better understanding we collect data monthly using various tools such as cartography.


This year is also when we connect you with roasters and farmers. This is an essential element to continuously improve producers’ solutions to your needs and ultimately those of good coffee aficionados. In this context, a wide range of roasters have visited us and we would love to see you here in the next few months and years.

Apprendre les uns des autres pour produire un café répondant à l'attente des consommateurs

Teaching each other to make a coffee that perfectly meets the consumer needs

This meeting is essential as it allows producers to get to know those who roast their coffees, allowing both parties to feel they are working in a sector where everyone works together fully aware of the issues of all involved. This recognition of all key players and the promotion of their work provides a close relationship between roasters and producers capable of giving the end customer improved quality with a coffee that boasts a rich history.

2015/2016 HARVEST

This year we have initiated and nurtured our relationships with Ethiopian producers throughout the country. We are continuing our promotion of Wallagga with several new coffees. In Guji, we are working for the second year in a row with Wadessa Yachisi with coffees from Chekata and for the first time from Dambi Uddo. We are working on interesting opportunities with Dambi Uddo, a fast-developing farm. In the Jimma region, we are continuing with Bazen and a group of cooperatives with a global audience. Finally, with classics such as Yrgacheffe, Sidama and Harrar, we are trying to improve our knowledge on terroirs which are yet to reveal all their potential and provide a different vision of these coffees…”

Jacques Chambrillon, head of Belco agency  

Would you like to discover these coffees?

Belco is organising its ‘coffee en primeur’ on 1st April (to access coffee en primeur click here). Please join us for this event in Bordeaux or ask for samples as soon as we have them in stock, at the following address:!