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Water, an indispensable and scarce resource to produce coffee

Marjorie, our coffee agronomist, is in charge at Belco of the quality improvement at the Origin. She wrote a series of articles around the following thematic:  “producing responsibly”. We start the first episode on a major issue for coffee production, the water management.  Let me… Continue Reading →

Coffee preservation – Degassing

Degassing is a necessary step to improve coffee quality! The new year is upon us along with its good resolutions, one of which concerns a series of articles about preserving coffee, which is not only a huge subject, but is… Continue Reading →

So what’s brewing & what would brew at Belco for 2018?

2017 has been a very busy year for us at Belco. Lots of projects & lots of news, our 10th anniversary year has been far from static. Ten years is easily said, but it has meant a lot of work… Continue Reading →

A new lease of life for the Cup of Excellence in Brazil

Every year competitions occur around the world, for baristas, roasters and also producers. This year, it was in Brazil that we makes you discover the best coffees in this country. And guess what? The producer with whom Belco is a… Continue Reading →

Belco Sourcing 2017 – Work closely with coffee producers

For more than a year and with the aim of improving the quality of our coffees in the long term, Belco has launched an agronomic support to partner producers. Marjorie Canjura,  specialist in coffee production & processes, provides this support to… Continue Reading →

The importance of cupping our coffees

Coffee, a source of pleasure The beauty of our job, just as with all other jobs in the food sector, is that the consumer first and foremost buys a product which will be a source of pleasure. Our main aim is… Continue Reading →

Belco is launching a new brand – Forest Coffees!

Our first “Forest Coffees”  will arrive in few weeks now in Europe ! Jacques introduces this singular approach to you and exposes what those coffees certified to the consumers. A new Belco’s venture   Our new venture is the result of… Continue Reading →

Anfilloo : a rich and ancient terroir [Ethiopian Belco Agency]

Last week we introduced  our “Anfilloo Quality Project” started in the Wallagga region in south-western Ethiopia. Our interest for this terroir is due of course of our historical attachment with the area and its producers, but that is also due to the potential of this true… Continue Reading →

Anfilloo Quality Project [Belco Ethiopia Agency]

From its very beginning, Belco has worked to improve the quality of its coffees since for us this is the only way to develop the sector and offer in the market coffees in line with the positioning of craft roasters:… Continue Reading →

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