Our Coffee Range

When I started out with Belco, and was still a trainee, we would wonder how best to present and sell our coffees. Most importers compiled a list of coffees sorted by origin alone (some still do), in other words according… Continue Reading →

Coffee chain – The consuming world

Still here? If you remember my last article about the Coffee Chain (link), I stopped at the FOB (Free On Board). The coffee is in the ship and ready to go to its new home. 1.  What happens after the… Continue Reading →

Coffee chain at the origin: who made who, who made you?

When I first arrived in Europe, I have to admit, that even for me that had a history in coffee, it was not completely clear how did the coffee chain worked. Who are the persons involved in the coffee chain… Continue Reading →

Ulaya anapenda kahawa*  (2/3) !

*Europe loves coffee, in Swahili. The Swahili is one of the most spread languages in Eastern Africa nowadays.  After the Rwandan experience, I headed to one of the most exciting & at the time, complicated coffee sectors in the world…. Continue Reading →

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