Catalina Vasquez – a sparkling producer!

Catalina Vasquez is part of this young generation of producers who brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to an aging Colombian industry [Ed. note: the average age of Colombian producers is today 58 years old]. Located in the… Continue Reading →

Our Coffee Range

When I started out with Belco, and was still a trainee, we would wonder how best to present and sell our coffees. Most importers compiled a list of coffees sorted by origin alone (some still do), in other words according… Continue Reading →

Builder of empires

I wonder if I’m not playing with words. And if words were made for this? At the same time, having heard Arnaud (our dear Ecuadorian supplier) tell me: “With my Las Tolas project, I just tried to set up a… Continue Reading →

Anfilloo : a rich and ancient terroir [Ethiopian Belco Agency]

Last week we introduced  our “Anfilloo Quality Project” started in the Wallagga region in south-western Ethiopia. Our interest for this terroir is due of course of our historical attachment with the area and its producers, but that is also due to the potential of this true… Continue Reading →

Lend me your spoon… and I’ll find you some beans!

It’s been already over three years that I’ve been buying coffee for Belco. Over three years fighting for what have always been our dream, from the beginning of Belco as from the moment I was on board: improving the quality of… Continue Reading →

On the trail of the birth of coffee: the preservation of an exceptional coffee Terroir

“Galatooma”, or “Thank you” in Oromo is the first word that comes to our mind after our journey into the heart of one of the birth places of the Arabica coffee. In early February, we had the chance to go to… Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: where it all began…

It all began one evening of September 2007, in the Brulerie Lapeyronnie (Paris) during a cupping of Ethiopian coffees. That night, I met Jacques, a young geographer who felt in love with Ethiopia and its coffee. After years dedicated to… Continue Reading →

Coffee Lab – Discover the Brazilian experience

“1 cafezinho por favor!” A black coffee, please! Surely this is one of the most pronounced sentences in Brazil. In the morning, after lunch, during the afternoon and even after diner, Brazilian people drink a lot of coffee … but… Continue Reading →

Brazilian Cupping

Choose your Coffee Choose your coffee. Choose your roast. Choose your profile. Choose a performing grinding, choose silver large spoons, choose good water, and good temperature. Choose fresh crops, sweet beans and nice acidities. Choose good reliable farms. Choose a… Continue Reading →

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