Catalina Vasquez – a sparkling producer!

Catalina Vasquez is part of this young generation of producers who brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to an aging Colombian industry [Ed. note: the average age of Colombian producers is today 58 years old]. Located in the… Continue Reading →

To blend or not to blend II… do it, because spring is coming!

Read the post “To blend or not to blend I” Just after Valentine’s Day but above all due to the unexpected visit of sun (playing hide and seek after some days), we decided at Belco of doing theme cupping: “Blends… Continue Reading →

A new Colombian coffees selection coming soon at Belco!

This month, we’re having a new coffee selection coming from Colombia, from the farm “Granja La Esperanza”. This farm has innovated in their way of working: doing all kind of processing (washed, honey) and proposing single varieties (from a large… Continue Reading →

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