The Art of Cupping

One of the duties of a coffee professional is to expose him or herself to human error and subjectivity when cupping. It is actually very common to find extreme differences between the qualifications or descriptions of a coffee depending on… Continue Reading →

The importance of cupping our coffees

Coffee, a source of pleasure The beauty of our job, just as with all other jobs in the food sector, is that the consumer first and foremost buys a product which will be a source of pleasure. Our main aim is… Continue Reading →

How to cup?

Well, we have never intended to impose ways of doing things. Just to start. But we have always liked to advice on things we do, which work for us and we think can normally work for roasters as well! Said… Continue Reading →

Tips and ideas from and for roasters

It is pretty well known that curiosity killed the cat! But in Belco, we can’t help but look around us to discover the latest news and take note of all good ideas. We love to share experiences with roasters, trying… Continue Reading →

To blend or not to blend

It all started when Genevieve Kappler (a good friend of Belco and of specialty coffees) came to Bordeaux to visit us, after cupping some Colombians coffees (which actually would have in stock soon!). This farm offers different single varietals and… Continue Reading →

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