The Art of Cupping

One of the duties of a coffee professional is to expose him or herself to human error and subjectivity when cupping. It is actually very common to find extreme differences between the qualifications or descriptions of a coffee depending on… Continue Reading →

Belco Sourcing 2017 – Work closely with coffee producers

For more than a year and with the aim of improving the quality of our coffees in the long term, Belco has launched an agronomic support to partner producers. Marjorie Canjura,  specialist in coffee production & processes, provides this support to… Continue Reading →

Anfilloo Quality Project [Belco Ethiopia Agency]

From its very beginning, Belco has worked to improve the quality of its coffees since for us this is the only way to develop the sector and offer in the market coffees in line with the positioning of craft roasters:… Continue Reading →

What’s brewing at Belco for 2017?

“The argument of the following draws all its force from the fact that the story is entirely true, since I have imagined it from beginning to end” Boris Vian 2016 was a great year for us and we hope that… Continue Reading →

Lend me your spoon… and I’ll find you some beans!

It’s been already over three years that I’ve been buying coffee for Belco. Over three years fighting for what have always been our dream, from the beginning of Belco as from the moment I was on board: improving the quality of… Continue Reading →

Practical sommeliers, plastic sommeliers or just sommeliers?

Last week, two articles quite interesting (mainly because of a trending they represent as well as for how contrasting they are) were published. The first one was published in the American website Grub Street New York, and the other, on… Continue Reading →

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