Cropster : practical case

Last time round, I presented the different tools of Cropster Roast, but to fully understand Cropster, there’s nothing better than a concrete example! At roasting training sessions at Belco’s School of Coffee, we conduct different types of practical exercises. One… Continue Reading →

Cropster: An essential tool?!

For the past few months, Belco has been distributing the “Cropster Roast” tool to the French market.  Renowned in the specialty coffee world for 10 years, the tool is not always well understood by the profession at large. Many people… Continue Reading →

What’s brewing at Belco for 2017?

“The argument of the following draws all its force from the fact that the story is entirely true, since I have imagined it from beginning to end” Boris Vian 2016 was a great year for us and we hope that… Continue Reading →

School of coffee: the new deal !

January 2017 marks a new turning point for the coffee school! New organization, new workshops, new roaster, a lot is changing for this new year. But before telling you more about this, Jérémie gives you a look back on the foundation… Continue Reading →

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