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Who can place an order?

Belco is a green coffee importer and distributor for roasting professionals and those working in the coffee sector. Our activity as a wholesaler means we cannot take orders from private individuals.

How do I order?

Our sales team are here for you from Monday to Friday and can be reached by phone on
00 33 5 56 16 56 56. Depending on where you are located, you will be put into contact with our coffee expert for your region.
You can also

Our price list and how to use it:

The first pages are devoted to our arabica selection. Coffees are first classified by continent of production (South America, Central America, Africa...) and then by country of production (Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia..). .
Within each country you can find our different ranges of coffee: classic, label, terroir, label+ and blend: classic, label, terroir, label+ et blend.

On the following pages, you will find our selection of natural and washed robustas, our range of decaffeinated coffees, our "Home-made" blends and our AB organic-certified and Max Havelaar coffees.

Our price list is updated every day according to market changes, and can be consulted on our site.
Some of our coffees are bought in limited quantities and so their price may only be valid for a few weeks!

Minimum order

At Belco, we can deliver upwards from a half-bag of green coffee, weighing 30kg. For all associated products (sachets, labels, coffee machines…) the minimum order may vary depending on packaging. For further information, please contact our sales team.


Green coffee is traditionally packed and delivered in jute or sisal bags weighing between 60kg and 70kg.
For the last few years, several people in the coffee sector have been trying to improve the packaging of bags to ensure that each coffee's organoleptic qualities are better conserved. Certain coffees in the Label and Terroir ranges are now packaged in GrainPro bags or are vacuum-packed.
We also offer a repacking service into 30kg polythene bags

Good to know!
The weight indicated in our price list is a "theoretical" weight which varies depending on the origin. As each order is prepared, our team re-weighs each bag to find out its real weight, enabling us to issue the invoice and weight note for the transporter.


TAll our prices are defined as per incoterm Free On Truck (FOT)*, meaning the the cost of transport is not included in the prices in our price list.
Several solutions are available for you:

• We can organise your goods to be shipped using the best price that our network of transporters can offer.

• You have your own transporter who will contact Belco to organise the collection of the goods from our warehouse.

• You can collect the goods yourself from our warehouse having stated the collection date upon order.

Orders of green coffee are prepared entirely by our logistics team and packed on standard "European" pallets (80 x 100cm) or on half-pallets for orders of 30kg half-bags. The goods are then shrink-wrapped before shipping. For accessories, depending on quantities, we offer a courier service. We can also join accessories to a green coffee order. In such a case, speak to your coffee expert for more details.

* In certain specific cases, we can change incoterms. Please ask our team for more information.

Delivery Zone

Belco mainly delivers to France and Europe but also to the rest of the world!
For more information, please contact us!

Lead times

For metropolitan France, our delivery lead times vary between 24 and 72 hours depending on the destination.
For EU countries, our delivery lead times vary between 3 and 8 days.
For DOM-TOMs and countries outside the EU, please contact us for more information.

Expressing reservations

With Belco, delivery is made from our warehouses. This condition is clearly indicated in all our price lists under the term Free On Truck or "FOT".
In this context, the goods travel at the buyer's risk from the moment they are handed over to the transporter.
In transit, the transporter is always deemed responsible for any defects or missing items detected upon delivery.
However, to obtain compensation for damaged goods, you must follow the following procedures:

Open the package

Even though it is sometimes difficult to take the time necessary to open a package in the presence of the delivery driver, this operation is essential to make a claim with the transporter to obtain damages.

Express reservations

If you notice any anomalies (missing, broken or crushed items...), you must write these reservations in the most accurate and thorough way possible (number of missing or crushed boxes for example). These reservations must be written by hand on the document that the transporter asks you to sign (delivery note, road map, receipt...). .
Along with these reservations we recommend taking photos. Finally, please make sure that the delivery date and the reservations appear on all copies of the document, especially on the copy kept by the transporter. If you do not make any reservations, it shall be considered that the goods have been received completely and in good condition. In this case, no damages shall be due, irrespective of sales method, and whether carriage has been paid or not.

REMEMBER: The term "subject to unpacking" has no legal value. This indication on delivery notes is totally lacking in effectiveness.
If you notice any damage or missing goods, this term is not enough to show that this happened during transit before delivery was made.

Inform Belco

To make it easier to pay damages, you must let us know and provide a copy of the delivery note with your reservations, sent by fax or email along with any photos you may have take, within 24 hours of delivery.
These documents will allow us to create a claim file with our transporter and ask for damages.


Payment methods and terms

For all 1st orders, we create a proforma invoice and ask for up front payment by bank transfer. The goods are shipped as soon as our accounting department has confirmation from our bank that the transfer has been received.
For all following orders, we study the most suitable options for your activity and depending on amounts and volumes.

Payment may be made in both Euros and in Dollars. For all payment from abroad, please contact us.

Opening an account with BELCO

To open an account with Belco, we require the following:
K-BIS entry in Companies Register
Company register number
Phone and email details
Bank account details
Signed acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale

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