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Klasik Beans - Indonesia

Java - Sunda in 5 processes (uw, fw, honey, sw, wet hulled)
Java - Serigaluh, ancien typica (sw and honey)
Bali - Kintamani special espresso
Sulawesi - Latimojong
Flores - Gulu Pau in yellow bourbon and red bourbon

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Bafoussam - Frres du Noun - Java FWA/B

The Frres du Noun are back once again this year with their consistent quality, with a highly fruity and floral coffee, reminding its neighbours of the Eastern continent... the only downside is the limited quantities, so don't miss out!

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Christmas Coffees - A family Story

In December, discover these two family stories through two different coffees!
Valladarez family - A fruity &juicy blend of caturra coming from their three farms.

Navarro family - A round & sweet blend of honey and fully-washed caturra/catuai for ideal in espresso!

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Our roasting training course!

You want to become an artisan roaster and you are looking for a roasting training course?
You are an artisan roaster and you want to strengthen your skills in profiling?
Discover our roasting workshops !

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Café point éducation

BELCO in a few words...

Located near Bordeaux, our company selects, imports and distributes green coffee for the artisanal coffee sector.
Our philosophy: As an ambassador of the work carried out by producers and a partner of artisan roasters, every day we have the chance to share with you the birth of a product which we find captivating; coffee. We continually strive to call on all our experience and skills to promote terroirs and the men involved in producing and showcasing coffee.
Our ambition: Through a strategy based on quality, services, education and marketing, we aim to promote the richness and diversity of quality coffees produced around the world.

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Focusing on a producer
Olman Valladarez

His coffees


Focusing on a producer

What is your coffee background?

Producteur de café vert

Coffee has been all my life: my father Luis Emilio Valladarez has evolved in this beautiful world for 60 years. My own experience began in 2004 when I joined my father and brother to manage our farms. Since 2005, our goal has been focused on joining the Specialty Coffee World. We often participated in the Cup of Excellence of Nicaragua: in 2014, we finished second for our El Suyatal microlot!

In a few words, how would you define your terroir?

Green coffee producer

Our micro-climate helps immensely in the production of quality coffee. Here are some examples of these coffees: The Maracaturra Buenos Aires Estate. A clean cup for a very special coffee with floral notes and a good acidity around notes of orange and peach. Its body is delicate, creamy with a long and very nice aftertaste. The Caturra from microlot El Suyatal Buenos Aires Estate. This is a very bright coffee with floral notes and a lively acidity. Notes of wine, cherry, tangerine, grape and citrus. His body is smooth and has pleasant aftertaste.

What advice would you give to a roaster to beautify your coffee?

Green coffee producer

To develop long-term relationships with the producer so that we can evolve our coffee as required by the final consumer.

The Dipilto pearl!
Buenos Aires Estate

His passions

I really enjoy an nice cup of coffee to discover its true aromatic complexity.

My passion is also innovation. To experiment different methods of production, from seed to cup, with knowledge of coffees nature, of their flavours and strengths, thus offering our customers a product of different qualities.

His favorite coffee
My Maracaturra from Buenos Aires Estate :-)

His preferred method of preparation
Beverages prepared using filter with a medium roasting and a Drip grind to appreciate delicacy and cleanliness.

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