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The coffee chain, between the producer and the roaster.

Belco is an independent family-run import company, based in Le Havre (France) and Bordeaux (France), specialised in selecting, importing and distributing high quality green coffees.
Set up in 2007 by Nicolas Bellangé, his team have used his expertise and vast knowledge of the artisan roaster market to come up with an innovative strategy based on three pillars: the quality and diversity of the coffee, professional training, and the development of tools to improve sales. In short; provide quality and diversity, train, inform and help increase sales!
Leading player in the European quality green coffee distribution market, Belco today has 18 employees who are fully devoted to looking after the company's 900 or so customers, all artisan roasters, located all over Europe.

The role of an importer in the coffee industry

  • The role of an importer in the coffee industry


    The role of a green coffee importer is as an intermediary in the coffee chain, between the producer and the roaster. Depending on how the coffee industry is organised in the producing country, as well as the nature of the green coffee itself, the importer either buys directly from a producer or from a cooperative or an exporter.

  • The missions of an importer:


    • Identifying in each producing country partners in line with its own philosophy as well as the quality of the coffees required
    • Selecting batches of coffee for import
    • Organising and securing the transport of the coffee to the destination port
    • Controlling quality, before shipping and upon receipt
    • Financing purchases
    • Storing coffee in optimal conditions for preservation
    • Proposing and promoting the coffees selected to roasters
    • Organising distribution, from order preparation to delivery to roaster.
  • Our vision of the role of an importer:

    In line with our values and our position in the European market, we select only high quality green coffees, that remain loyal to their places of origin and the know-how of the men who produce them. Since our ambition is to help improve the development and knowledge of these coffees, our missions are not limited to simply distributing them. .
    We help support our roaster customers in dealing with all issues linked directly to the promotion of their coffees, through the following missions:

    • Advising them on coffee selection
    • Developing skills and knowledge on coffee growing, roasting and preparation
    • Informing them about your coffees through the creation of a wide range of technical documents
    • Helping them communicate, by providing them with a selection of tools and materials to boost sales.
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