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The coffees we are looking for

Our curiosity knows no limits!

Our curiosity knows no limits and we are always looking for new coffees
that match our values and our philosophy
. If you are looking for a long term partner
to promote your coffees and represent you to artisan roasters, we would be delighted to discover
your history and your coffees. So please get in touch, all the team at Belco are waiting to hear from you!

What we don't like …


  • Old poor quality coffees
  • Labels and certifications without the quality to go with them
  • Brands
  • Coffees known by their name rather than for their cup
  • Exaggerated exoticism
  • Prices that do not allow the consumer to afford a packet of good coffee


In short, coffees which have a price that is not matched by their quality, coffees that are inaccessible to consumers who stay loyal to the values of the artisanal coffee chain, not forgetting tasteless coffee!

What we do like…


  • Coffee growers rather than planters
  • Traceable quality coffees
  • Coffees that are non elitist
  • Coffees that stay loyal to their terroir and the know-how of the growerr
  • Coffees with a real history of a producer's passion for his terroir r
  • Producers who use innovation to help the diversity of coffee
  • Coffees that allow artisan roasters to make a living from their passion

In short, quality coffees which allow the entire artisanal chain to build a sustainable future whilst drawing in consumers on a long term basis!

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