6 reasons why traceability is securing a future for artisan roasters.

Jacques, based at our Belco Ethiopia office, explains why he believes coffee traceability is important for a quality coffee positioning. Flavour is above all a question of differentiation. You therefore need to stand out by positioning yourself in a quality… Continue Reading →

Ethiopia: 2018/2019 Harvest

The 2018/2019 harvest is coming to an end all over Ethiopia. It promises to be a good year in terms of quantity and quality. The weather has been good and there have been no cold spells, like those seen in… Continue Reading →

Off to the north, to discover Sumatra

This was the first time I had journeyed to Sumatra, in the north of Indonesia. Very far north in fact, in the small village of Takengon at the foot of the Gayo Mountains and more than 2,000 km from Jakarta.  … Continue Reading →

Sourcing by motorbike in the southern islands of Indonesia!

Last month, Alexandre F. and Angel travelled to Indonesia’s southern islands and also discovered Sumatra in the north. These two articles tell their story. When I hear the word “revolutionary”, I think more of Nikola Tesla than Che Guevara. But… Continue Reading →

Catalina Vasquez – a sparkling producer!

Catalina Vasquez is part of this young generation of producers who brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to an aging Colombian industry [Ed. note: the average age of Colombian producers is today 58 years old]. Located in the… Continue Reading →

Our Coffee Range

When I started out with Belco, and was still a trainee, we would wonder how best to present and sell our coffees. Most importers compiled a list of coffees sorted by origin alone (some still do), in other words according… Continue Reading →

Cropster : practical case

Last time round, I presented the different tools of Cropster Roast, but to fully understand Cropster, there’s nothing better than a concrete example! At roasting training sessions at Belco’s School of Coffee, we conduct different types of practical exercises. One… Continue Reading →

Cropster: An essential tool?!

For the past few months, Belco has been distributing the “Cropster Roast” tool to the French market.  Renowned in the specialty coffee world for 10 years, the tool is not always well understood by the profession at large. Many people… Continue Reading →

Builder of empires

I wonder if I’m not playing with words. And if words were made for this? At the same time, having heard Arnaud (our dear Ecuadorian supplier) tell me: “With my Las Tolas project, I just tried to set up a… Continue Reading →

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