2017 has been a very busy year for us at Belco. Lots of projects & lots of news, our 10th anniversary year has been far from static.

Ten years is easily said, but it has meant a lot of work for us, a lot of ideas that have been built & established over time and with great effort (as well as no little stubbornness). When we think that our first battle flag was around new crops, now talking about water activity& bean dispersion to our roasters seems like a dream. When we see our lists of coffees, and we think that from one or two qualities per origin (all as full containers), now we can sometimes demand a 35 kg lot of a Kenyan SL 34 varietal grown in the Central Valley of Costa Rica… it seems like we are somehow living in another time, way ahead.

What have we done this year?

Belco Sourcing

In terms of sourcing, we have implemented a very advanced support for many of our partners, with Marjorie, our strong origin quality arm, who you might have met or run into at one of the different coffee shows she has been with us. She has worked with farmers from Guatemala through the Caribbean, all the way to Cameroon (somehow, all over!)

Marjorie has been in the field for three months in Ethiopia, here she is talking with a roaster about the drying methods on the Tatmara plantation. (Click on the picture to read her article)

Belco Quality

We believe that quality in origin has to match with quality at Belco. And this is why we have also welcomed Cesar as our new quality manager. He has been putting together a very ambitious & innovative quality protocol that each bean coming into our warehouse has to pass before coming through the door. We like to think of ourselves as the Teslas of coffee.


César talk about quality and art of cupping during World Of Coffee in Budapest

Cesar talked about quality control and art of cupping during World Of Coffee in Budapest.


New ranges of coffee

In terms of sourcing, the same applies; we have also increased our portfolio of coffees, new terroirs & multiple Estates and microlots are now in our warehouse. We have welcomed back some known origins at your roasteries, such as Australian & Hawaiian Estates. We have also made a new classification for our coffees, into very customized & homemade ranges.

Belco’s new ranges of our coffees

Microlot range has a better quality in the cup and is made by a high-skilled coffee producer.

Thank you !

We really wish to thank you for your continued support over these last years, it is thanks to your ongoing trust that we have accomplished some of the dreams that we shared for these green gems.

But what’s in store for 2018?

Still lots of projects… we are already working hard on increasing some of our portfolio of origins & terroirs. We have also seen and welcomed a new scene of high qualitative organic coffees which we hope to increase this year.

We have put in place our quality protocol at Belco. 2018 will be the year its fruits are felt by our dear partners, from both the producing & roasting worlds.

We have for the last few years been working with Art of Coffee, to become distributors of some of the top slow coffee accessories brands… in 2018, we’ll work on a new project, which is just as ambitious, but concerns your roasting workshop and not your bar… the Roaster’s Workshop… one of the dreams of our founder …and a Falcon freshly landing in our School of Coffee early 2018.


Belco’s School of Coffee, headed up by Jérémie, will be improved next year with the arrival of two new roasters..

How do you like our website? We love it, but we have been seriously thinking of creating a more interactive one for you… stay tuned in 2018!

And these are just some of the projects we’ve been working, we don’t want to unveil them all & be spoilers of what’s to come.

So don’t change channel & stick with us, because we’re looking to share another great year with you.

In the meantime, we wish for you & your families, an excellent festive period.


Angel, for the Belco team