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6 reasons why traceability is securing a future for artisan roasters.

Jacques, based at our Belco Ethiopia office, explains why he believes coffee traceability is important for a quality coffee positioning. Flavour is above all a question of differentiation. You therefore need to stand out by positioning yourself in a quality… Continue Reading →

Cropster : practical case

Last time round, I presented the different tools of Cropster Roast, but to fully understand Cropster, there’s nothing better than a concrete example! At roasting training sessions at Belco’s School of Coffee, we conduct different types of practical exercises. One… Continue Reading →

Cropster: An essential tool?!

For the past few months, Belco has been distributing the “Cropster Roast” tool to the French market.  Renowned in the specialty coffee world for 10 years, the tool is not always well understood by the profession at large. Many people… Continue Reading →

So what’s brewing & what would brew at Belco for 2018?

2017 has been a very busy year for us at Belco. Lots of projects & lots of news, our 10th anniversary year has been far from static. Ten years is easily said, but it has meant a lot of work… Continue Reading →

The importance of cupping our coffees

Coffee, a source of pleasure The beauty of our job, just as with all other jobs in the food sector, is that the consumer first and foremost buys a product which will be a source of pleasure. Our main aim is… Continue Reading →

School of coffee: the new modules are here!

Last week I presented the history and philosophy of Belco’s School of coffee. Without further ado, here is a quick overview of what you can expect in 2017! If we think about it, the 5-day expert course was a little… Continue Reading →

School of coffee: the new deal !

January 2017 marks a new turning point for the coffee school! New organization, new workshops, new roaster, a lot is changing for this new year. But before telling you more about this, Jérémie gives you a look back on the foundation… Continue Reading →

Show me the money!

This might be among the only lines you’re going to see from me, talking about money, so let’s at least name it with a funny quote from the film Jerry Maguire. I couldn’t think on other way of calling it,… Continue Reading →

Coffee Lab – Discover the Brazilian experience

“1 cafezinho por favor!” A black coffee, please! Surely this is one of the most pronounced sentences in Brazil. In the morning, after lunch, during the afternoon and even after diner, Brazilian people drink a lot of coffee … but… Continue Reading →

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