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The Art of Cupping

One of the duties of a coffee professional is to expose him or herself to human error and subjectivity when cupping. It is actually very common to find extreme differences between the qualifications or descriptions of a coffee depending on… Continue Reading →

Coffee preservation – Degassing

Degassing is a necessary step to improve coffee quality! The new year is upon us along with its good resolutions, one of which concerns a series of articles about preserving coffee, which is not only a huge subject, but is… Continue Reading →

So what’s brewing & what would brew at Belco for 2018?

2017 has been a very busy year for us at Belco. Lots of projects & lots of news, our 10th anniversary year has been far from static. Ten years is easily said, but it has meant a lot of work… Continue Reading →

How to cup?

Well, we have never intended to impose ways of doing things. Just to start. But we have always liked to advice on things we do, which work for us and we think can normally work for roasters as well! Said… Continue Reading →

The concept of terroir in Ethiopie : Belco’s criteria

The notion of terroir is a very complex one in the context of a country like Ethiopia, where there is no such thing as the Geographical Indication system. Therefore, talking about terroir in Ethiopia relies on the vision and appreciation of… Continue Reading →

Natural coffees: different strokes for different folks !

Natural coffees are well-known for their bodies, and for their profiles which greatly remind tropical fruits and strawberries, their velvet and syrupy liquor, which is incredibly sweet, and their persistent acidity. But can we really generalize their profil? What’s a… Continue Reading →

What is sustainability & long term for you?

Last show of the SCAE, at Gothenburg, one of our producer partners asked me: “Ángel, for you, what makes a coffee sustainable?” A hard question to answer, isn’t it? Involved on the coffee buying of the company, from one side,… Continue Reading →

Brazilian Cupping

Choose your Coffee Choose your coffee. Choose your roast. Choose your profile. Choose a performing grinding, choose silver large spoons, choose good water, and good temperature. Choose fresh crops, sweet beans and nice acidities. Choose good reliable farms. Choose a… Continue Reading →

The TD… what?

We heard quite often, talk about TDS in coffee, and analyzing based on this if something went wrong when extracting in coffee… but what the hell is that in Christian?, as my mother would say. TDS stands for Total Dissolved… Continue Reading →

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