Interview with our Producers

Catalina Vasquez – a sparkling producer!

Catalina Vasquez is part of this young generation of producers who brings a breath of fresh air and dynamism to an aging Colombian industry [Ed. note: the average age of Colombian producers is today 58 years old]. Located in the… Continue Reading →

So what’s brewing & what would brew at Belco for 2018?

2017 has been a very busy year for us at Belco. Lots of projects & lots of news, our 10th anniversary year has been far from static. Ten years is easily said, but it has meant a lot of work… Continue Reading →

Interview with Marcos Croce – Founder of the Bob o Link project

Marcos came to visit Belco a few months ago. Here is the interview we had together when he was here! Marcos, first of all, thank you for visiting us here in Bordeaux! It’s a great opportunity for me to finally… Continue Reading →

Interview: Renardo Ovalle from Vides 58, Huehuetenango – Guatemala

The Ovalle family is one of the best known Guatemalan family in the world of Specialty coffee. They acquired a reputation of excellence among the US roasters. This year Finca La Bolsa, El Rincón and Las Terrazas are going to be… Continue Reading →

Belco’s Ethiopia Agency – First vintage!

Belco’s Ethiopia Agency has already been up and running for 8 months! The 2015/2016 harvest, the first handled directly by the agency, is drawing to a close, and we would like to celebrate this with a look back over the… Continue Reading →

But there’s something, about Arnaud… !

ECUADOR When I first started into coffee, I can clearly remember about two things. The first is that I was truly amazed for how some coffees from Ecuador cupped. Second thing, is that I talked to a roaster about it,… Continue Reading →

The untold stories of the pao de queijo: you need to drive at 160 km/h through the Cerrado highways… that’s what the PGI specifies! (2/2)

So we left Mococa, and headed to Varginha (a city that would be like the Bordeaux for the coffee world), where we were going to visit one of our exporter partners from there. We were very nice welcomed by Natalia,… Continue Reading →

The untold stories of the pão de queijo: In the Brazilian nature (1/2)

Last week Nicolas and Angel left to Brazil, to visit some of our exporter partners, to take a sip on some of the new coffees arriving for this harvest (which are veeery promising), have their impressions on the current situation the… Continue Reading →

Interview with the Bob-o-Link project founders (Brazil)

A small sip before our trip to Brazil!   You are now certainly getting use to the name “Bob-o-link”, it’s already been 3 years since we have been offering coffee from this project in France. Sylvia & Marcos (founders of… Continue Reading →

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