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Coffee futures are back for the 5th edition!

A Belco event organised exclusively for artisan roasters:


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We launch our Forest coffees' project!

Discover our first Ethiopian coffees certified "Forest Coffees". A 10-year long reflection based on our sourcing work carried out with producers in the west and south-west of Ethiopia.

Discover the project & our media kit available for your shops !

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Bob-o-Link project is back this year !

Resume of this project in this quote :
"to be a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable farm: to build a modal that ensures sustainability not only at individual level but also at family, business and society level."

Contact us to get samples from our Bob-o-Link coffees.

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Indonesia: Coffees are back!

If there is one type of coffee that cannot be stereotyped, it is Indonesian coffee! Indonesia is a country that boasts an incredible diversity, it's as big as Europe, respects agroforestry traditions, and uses very varied processes including dry and wet hulling.

Contact us to discover samples from our latest arrivals!

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BELCO in a few words...

Located near Bordeaux, our company selects, imports and distributes green coffee for the artisanal coffee sector.
Our philosophy: As an ambassador of the work carried out by producers and a partner of artisan roasters, every day we have the chance to share with you the birth of a product which we find captivating; coffee. We continually strive to call on all our experience and skills to promote terroirs and the men involved in producing and showcasing coffee.
Our ambition: Through a strategy based on quality, services, education and marketing, we aim to promote the richness and diversity of quality coffees produced around the world.

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Focusing on a producer
Arnaud Causse

His coffees


Focusing on a producer

What is your coffee background?

Producteur de café vert

My first coffee experiences began in Kenya and Costa Rica, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast on behalf of semi-governmental institutions. Then I had a project around gourmet coffees with the conception of the cooperative Palmas in El Salvador and a 2nd one in Galapagos... The creation of Las Tolas came just after that. Then I went to the Dominican Republic as a researcher at CIRAD to create a sensory analysis laboratory ISO 17025, carry out missions on the enlargement of specialty coffee in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru before returning to Ecuador on the plantation Las Tolas!

In a few words, how would you define your terroir?

Green coffee producer

This is an extreme terroir where conditions are adverse to the coffee production and the biodiversity one of the richest in the world! The soils are volcanic and are really depth since only one eruption of Pululahua has accumulated more than 12m of ash in this area. The special feature that makes this terroir unique is the systematic development of a "hole" in the middle of the sea of fog created by the winds of the Pacific against the phenomenal barrier of the Andes. Indeed, throughout the Andes, between 1600m and 1900m, the rainforest is pervasive due to a permanent haze. The micro watershed of San Carlos and Tulip rivers is the only place where sunlight allows the cultivation of coffee. All these features give a complex and well balanced cup with floral notes for the varieties Bourbon (jasmine) and Java (Honeysuckle). The Pacamara rather develops fruity and chocolate notes.

What advice would you give to a roaster to beautify your coffee?

Green coffee producer

To moderate roasting to avoid masking the fruity and floral notes and let the frank acidity be expressed! Dare the medium roast especially for Bourbon coffees, even if you had to re-balance with darker Pacamara because it better supports advancedroasts on blends. Do not hesitate to assemble the different varieties by testing but it is important to roast each variety separately beforehand.

An exception in the earth of Equator
1600 Estate
Las Terrazas del Pisque
Las Tolas Estate

His passions
Cooking, literature, mountain climbing, and gardening and.... coffee! I forgot to talk about rugby!

His favorite coffee
Las Tolas of course, some Java from Cameroon, and some Sidamo when they really have the taste of dried apricot and finally the terroir of Los Bolos in Dominican Republic!

His preferred method of preparation
At the risk of running out of originality, the espresso but with coffees not too roasted.

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